Barcode Web SDK Overview

WEB Barcode Reading and Decoding Software Demo

DataSymbol Web SDK is an API that allows to decode the barcode locally inside a browser (or other environment that can start JavaScript and supports WebAssembly). Unlike JavaScript, this technology works with speed close to the speed of native applications, but it is also safe as well as JavaScript.

DataSymbol Web SDK consists of two main.
WASM - WebAssemby file, this is a library that exports methods for barcodes decoding. WebAssemby compiled from our main DataSymbol barcode decoding core, so it works just like on Windows / Linux Desktop, Mobile Devices etc.
JS – this is a JavaScript wrapper to make easier usage of WASM.

The use of this newest technology WebAssembly provides several huge advantages:

No need to install any additional programs.

The barcode is decoded fast and safely locally inside the browser.

It's as simple and familiar as JavaScript and HTML.

WebAssembly is the same as JavaScript is independent of a platform. Therefore, the one and the same Web (and not only) application can work on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android etc.

see Barcode Web SDK on youtube Barcode Reader Web SDK (how to decode barcode in Web/HTML/CSS)