Barcode Document Processor

Barcode Document Processing

DataSymbol Barcode Document Processor (BarcodeDocumentProcessor) is powerful software for the automatically decoding and processing of scanned documents containing barcodes. BarcodeDocumentProcessor can run in several modes.

Barcode Image Processing Modes

BarcodeDocumentProcessor is created using our Barcode Decoding SDK. And it has all its features.

BarcodeDocumentProcessor processes both one-page and multipage files. The files of the following formats are supported: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, pdf.

It can run in the automatic, hidden mode or from the command line. It can wait till any files appear in the source folder.

Can run as a COM server. It allows you to use BarcodeDocumentProcessor from any applications supporting COM (Delphi, VC, VB, C#, Script, ASP, .NET, etc.).

It offers a high performance rate and reliable processing.

Allows you to detect unrecognized barcodes.

It is configured in one XML file.

Has several processing modes: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3.