Web SDK DSScanner object

When you include "datasymbol-sdk-hlp.min.js" file it adds global object "DSScanner".
<script type="text/javascript" src="/datasymbol-sdk-hlp.min.js"></script>

You can use DSScanner object instantly after JavaScript file has been loaded.

Creates and initializes a scanner

Destroys scanner

Starts scanning bar codes

Stops scanning

Decodes image file (png, jpg, bmp, etc.) with barcode.

Adds handlers for various events

Changes any scanner settings

Returns a copy of the scanner settings

Returns cameras that can be used on this device

Converts binary decoded barcode data to the string

Returns scanner ready state

Returns barcode Web SDK version

Returns Web SDK license information

Returns current video frame

Event that occurs after the scanner is created (Create method), initialized and ready to be used.

Event that occurs after the scanner is destroyed (Destroy method).

Event fired when there is a decoded barcode

Fired when WebAssembly loaded and initialized

Event when the scanner started decoding

Event when the scanner stopped decoding

Any errors that occur

Event fired by DecodeImage method when image is a decoded