Barcode Types

The barcode type is determined by a string constant. It case sensitive value. Please, use only the required barcode types, because this can significantly reduce the frame processing time.
'Code128':Code 128
'Code39':Code 39
'Interl25':Interleaved 2 of 5
'Code11':Code 11
'Industr25':Industrial 2 of 5
'Code93':Code 93
'MSIPlessey':MSI Plessey
'DataBarOmni':DataBar Omni.(RSS-14, RSS-14 Truncated)
'DataBarLim':DataBar Limited (RSS Limited)
'DataBarStacked':DataBar Stacked (RSS-14 Stacked)
'DataBarExp':DataBar Expanded (RSS Expanded)
'DataBarExpStacked':DataBar Expanded Stacked


'AztecUnrecognized':undecoded AztecCode
'LinearUnrecognized':undecoded Linear
'PDF417Unrecognized':undecoded PDF417
'DataMatrixUnrecognized':undecoded DataMatrix
'QRCodeUnrecognized':undecoded QRCode